Keep physical education fun & exciting for your homeschooled child with Sports Box Co!

Our sports curriculum boxes include products that are perfect for kids to use at home for physical education, exercise and to learn how to play new sports throughout the school year!
- Training Aids & accessories for all sports
- Books about sports, sportsmanship and how to play games
- Physical fitness training aids to help overall athletcisim, speed and agility
- Monthly training & tip card to motivate and help kids with new drills that they can perform on their own and practice daily for their physical education classes throughout the school year!


Homeschool Program Details

Our Homeschool programs are valid for 6 month & 12 month Sports Box Co subscriptions only; these are the approved subscription terms setup with all our active homeschool program. Most programs have specific ways the invoices need to be submitted and then are paid directly to Sports Box Co. However, there are some programs that allow pre-purchase by the parent or guardian and then reimbursement once the transaction is approved. For those purchases please make sure you do purchase a 6 month or 12 month subscription or it will not likely qualify for reimbursement. Homeschool subscriptions do not renew but you can submit a new purchase through your program's regular process or email us to request a new invoice to submit for payment.

Active Homeschool Programs by State

Idaho – Enroll on Odyssey

Ohio – Approved with ACE funding - reimbursement or direct pay

Arizona – Approved for ESA Funds through Classwallet 

New Hampshire – Approved for EFA Funds through Classwallet 

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